This photo looks like Pacey just realized what Diane is wearing, and he is DELIGHTED by it:

I am inclined to agree. I think this is charming — I do, however, have a well-known weakness for formal gowns that are All Covered Up, and which you could conceivably wear on a bravura turn guest-starring on Reign as a murderous but fabulous German with an eye on really ruining a couple of people’s lives. (I am considering fug-capping Reign next season. Would you guys be into this?)

Her hair is looking particularly Teutonic when she (and also Pacey, who’s been very supportive this week, and may have worn the same outfit the whole time) got a star on the Berlin Walk of Fame:

They totally look like an Upstanding Young Couple Attending a Cocktail Reception at a Glamorous Foreign Consulate. In a sexy way.

[Photos: Splash]