Every time we write about this girl, Jessica and I have to have the conversation about whether she’s just Chloe Moretz, or Chloe Grace Moretz. She SEEMS to be going by CGM these days but then some photo service or other will caption her “Chloe Moretz” and the apple cart gets flipped like a table in a barfight.

None of which is really relevant to this outfit; I just wanted to invite you into the minutiae of our job. Aren’t you glad you came? Stick around — I’ll make tea sandwiches.

I went around and around in my head about the length of the pants, and then decided I didn’t care about it, because she’s wearing the rest of that suit with such panache. It’s a bit Circus Ringleader — but for a really GOOD circus, possibly The Night Circus, that doesn’t have sawdust and ripe smells. It’s the kind of circus where Mumford & Sons is the house band and Emma Stone throws knives at Ryan Gosling because they’re just both that cool.

[Photo: Getty]