Seriously, I don’t think Hathaway merely made lemonade out of her Les Miserables hair lemons; she made a rich, tangy, citrus-infused champagne punch.

It’s gotten to the point where I see old pictures of her with long hair and I think, “Eh, yeah, I remember that. Whatever.” The sass level of this cut really works for her, and I think it cuts through some of that overly saccharine energy she sometimes oozes (see: the Oscars). As for the dress, I like it. It’s floral, but it looks more like science. Blood science.

Her movie daughter also looked cute in Letterman Dumpsterville:

I love the ornate detail around the pockets — they’re like incredibly fancy vertical mail slots, except I mean that as a compliment. Everyone loves a mail slot. My children go insane whenever anything comes through ours. Circulars and phone bills have never seemed so exciting. The whole affair is nicely understated but not the least bit boring, which is perfect for Letterman. However… I assume that is her dog? If not, she’s being very chill about the way her thighs are being investigated for snacks and/or illicit substances.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]