I wish I had found a slightly more direct photo of this in our subscriptions, but such is life. We can’t always get what we want. To wit: There is no ham sandwich in my hand.

However, other than the fact that I think she may be wearing hose (of which I am not a particular fan, if they can be avoided, which I believe they could have here), this Dark Knight Rises afterparty frock is cute on Anne. It really fits the swingin’ mod look she’s working with the pixie cut. That may have been a primary problem with her very first gown of the tour, the white one: It just really clashed with her current vibe. And whether she herself is happy with the hair or not, you’ve got to play the proverbial cards you are dealt. In Hollywood you can probably even cheat a little. You almost always have a couple helpful extras, like an ace and a Queen, taped to the inside of your sleeve or glued to the underside of your purse: Most people can’t snap their fingers and make a dress that fits their new coif materialize, but Anne Hathaway probably could, and maybe even did right here. I wish she’d keep it up. Work the theme, girl. It doesn’t have to be forever, but it’s better than parading around like something scented you put in a panty drawer.

[Photo: Splash]