You know those 73 Questions that Vogue does? We feature them from time to time — the SJP one was VERY charming, the Daniel Radcliffe one (with a lovely little Zoe Kazan interlude) was a delight — and there was literally no way I wasn’t going to bring you the one featuring Our Lady of the Bob, Anna herself, whom I have long secretly loved (as you know, because I cannot keep my secret loves secret):

(a) I appreciate how much she talks about books. (She also, unsurprisingly, has much to say about tennis.)

(b) There are two moments where I quite literally laughed aloud.

(c) I think Anna’s office is my platonic ideal of an office. I don’t mean the Vogue offices, I mean her actual personal office. It’s so fabulous.

(d) ANNA. Your “guilty” pleasure is not guilty at all. Open your heart to The CW.

[Courtesy of Conde Nast]