Look closely at Johnny Weir here.

Does he remind you of anyone at all? Glasses notwithstanding. 
I’ll give you a hint:

6th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

Or am I crazy? It’s subtle, but it’s there — something about the smile, the eyelashes, the “Oh, come on, you know you love me” kind of expression… and the fact that they share a penchant for KFC as a fashion statement

Of course, Johnny’s is a bit more Colonel Pee-wee Sanders, who serves buckets of chicken at his playhouse and sprinkles Original Recipe seasoning on people’s bike seats for good luck. But whatever. His outfit and Chloe’s are still RELATED; just distantly, in that way where they only see each other at Thanksgiving and make nice over plates of stuffing, only to let out their aggressions during raucously competitive family games of Charades.