The press release we got from Elie Saab about this look called it “a beaded maroon, wide-leg tulle jumpsuit featuring a plunging v-neck, long sleeves and trailing sequin tassels,” which IS enjoyably descriptive and (a) she looks snazzy in it, ready to leap into jazzhands and a high-kick at any moment, and (b) it’s very funny to me that NONE of the photos we got made it clear that this was a jumpsuit, which makes me think that CZJ decided it would be in her best interest to maintain an air of mystery there. Which is apt, as she’s promoting her new project, which is a National Treasure (!!!!!) series in which she appears to be playing a villainous….antiquarian? Sure:

(a) That looks fun; (b) WHERE IS NICOLAS CAGE?!?!?!?!

Between this and her role as Morticia Addams on Wednesday, it’s beginning to feel like CZJ called up her agent and said, “Michael’s driving me positively bonkers here on Bermuda, can you rustle me up a few plum roles on some fun streaming shows? Thank you, darling. I’ll let you hold my Oscar on New Year’s Eve this year.”

[Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]