I love when I stumble upon a dress that is GREAT, but which — due to not being worn at a fancy awards event or other obvious gala — gets lost… if not to the sands of time, exactly, then at least to the quicksand of All The Damn STUFF On The Internet. It’s by Andrew Gn, and I love it on Amy — it’s got more character than a lot of what she wears, and it makes her look like a character. She is… hmm. An agoraphobic heiress who owns a newspaper, holds all her editorial board meetings remotely, dresses to the nines for each one of them, and occasionally calls random staff members to shriek, “STOP THE PRESSES,” before laughing maniacally and hanging up. She always sends them an expensive bottle of bourbon as an apology and she has never met a bird she didn’t hate. She swims daily, but only at midnight, and she pretends her husband’s ashes are in a coffee mug on her desk that reads MISOGYNIST TEARS. He is, in fact, alive and living in Boca.

[Photo: Shutterstock]