There was this whole bit Jay Pharoah did last night about how HOT Ariana Grande is and how HOT he is for her and thank god she’s 21 because otherwise it would be CREEPY how much he wants to bang her and she should write a song about how she’s actually legal, to, like, reassure dudes that it’s cool to perv out on her, and I was like, “dude, her being a legal adult doesn’t make any of this much less creepy on your part, so maybe stop talking now.” I hope she actually writes a song called Yes, This Is My Sexy Phase But Keep It Together, Dude. That being said, I do believe she is in the midst of that thingĀ  child stars do where they go pants-less and/or pose for Maxim so that everyone knows they cannot be pigeon-holed into some prudish hole.

[Photos: Getty, AKM/GSI]