Viola Davis received the Chaplin Award, honoring her work as an actor and producer. And I LOVE HER and I wanted to love this unequivocally, but I guess… in the spirit of filmmaking, I do have some notes. Also, interestingly, the two major stars there to support here were Meryl Streep — co-star in Doubt, for which Viola was nominated for her first Oscar — and Jessica Chastain, who co-starred in The Help, for which Viola was WIDELY expected to win the Oscar… until she lost to Meryl for The Iron Lady, in a move that I think even Meryl thought was batshit. They must have bonded over it. I would have loved to see more folks from The Woman King here, since that’s a movie Viola produced, but I am not in charge of these things.

[Photos: Kristin Callahan, Gregory Pace/Shutterstock]