With this, another form-fitting bit of glam Viola Davis eye candy, my small sartorial nit to pick is with the hem. I’m never that hot at knee seams that scream out, “HEY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY KNEE SEAM?” because I don’t particularly want to converse with one, especially if it’s going to get all shouty with me.

But mostly, looking at this made me hope Viola Davis turns up at the Oscars in stripes. Or a floral. Basically, I want her to wear any multi-colored pattern at all; I’d even accept something in more than one hue that isnt strictly speaking a pattern, just to break the streak of solid-colored gowns. She does them very, very well — this blueish green is divine, the texture works, and the halter neck is great on her — but she also does them very, very often. If she’s at all superstitious, I’m sure she won’t disrupt her award-winning streak by deviating from the basics of the color wheel. Still, on the doorstep of the last big Night of Nights the season holds, a lass can hope.

[Photo: Getty]