This film — about Venus and Serena Williams’s father Richard (and their family in general) —¬† was in part produced by the Williams sisters themselves, and it’s won several audience awards at various festivals already, and Will Smith (who plays Richard Williams) is meant to be great in it. (Its poster says “ONLY IN CINEMAS” but it’s actually also going to be on HBO Max on Friday. I’m going to watch it!) All that is great news but I’m also excited to tell you that Serena wore a one-legged catsuit to this premiere and her very very very VERY very very cute daughter¬† wore a coordinating outfit.¬† In fact, many of these photos might bring you some delight. Let’s find out!

[Photos: Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/Shutterstock, Rob Latour/AFI/Shutterstock, John Salangsang/AFI/Shutterstock]