Full marks, Hudge: You have a knack for popping up during Fug Madness, a contest you once won, and getting us all nostalgic for the days of you wearing similar see-through lace pants in different colors. This actually isn’t Peak Hudge, in terms of craziness. (She looks REALLY good with the long straight Cher coif — which, touchingly, is the bracket she was in the year that she won a 94-vote squeaker that came so down to the wire that Lindsay Lohan was ahead when we went to bed and looked to be set; Kevin had to recut “One Fugging Moment” in a hurry the next morning in a near-miss Dewey Defeats Truman moment.) But it DOES look like she’s warming up for Peak Coachella by grabbing her most voluminous flares and poking her head through a denim tablecloth. I guess you have to start SOMEWHERE if you want to end up in a place of tiny frayed jeans-diapers with tank tops crocheted out of spring reeds.

[Photo: Getty]