The headline here was a placeholder, but somewhere between drafting this post and actually publishing it, I decided just to leave it because that’s basically what this is: a post about Usher’s big dumb hat. (Not THE Big Dumb Hat, though.) Please note that I am not insulting Usher HIMSELF. I just cannot look at this hat without laughing at it. It looks like he cut a basketball in half and glued on a brim and then put padding over it. There is enough air between the top of his skull and the top of his hat for it to count as his head having its own atmosphere. I think if he pulled it down all the way, his eyes would be peeking out the hole.

Usher Visits Radio One Atlanta

And yet, he seems so HAPPY in his big dumb hat. Maybe Usher just is frequently in situations where he has to tell large numbers of people, “Okay, everyone, write your name on a piece of paper and then put it in Hat, and we’ll pick three,” and a larger hat brought him peace. Maybe he keeps a Diet Coke can under there. Maybe there is a smaller hat for special occasions. Or, maybe he ALSO is tickled by it. Maybe we’re all in this together.

[Photos: Prince Williams/WireImage, Derek White/Getty Images]
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