So excited to be giving this one away! Jen Doll is a great writer, and this novel is getting fantastic reviews — I think you will really love it.

Let’s see what it’s about (via Amazon):

Doris—a lone liberal in a conservative small town—has mostly kept to herself since the terrible waterslide incident a few years ago. Nell had to leave behind her best friends, perfect life, and too-good-to-be-true boyfriend in Chicago to move to Alabama. Grant was the star quarterback and epitome of “Mr. Popular” whose drinking problem has all but destroyed his life. What do these three have in common? A summer job working in a store called Unclaimed Baggage cataloging and selling other people’s lost luggage. Together they find that through friendship, they can unpack some of their own emotional baggage and move on into the future.

I am OBSESSED with those stores that sell lost luggage. FYI.  They are so poignant. This is such a good idea. I’m having writer-envy.

We have three copies to give away!

THE TASK:  I’ll be picking the winners at random, but to keep it fun, please tell us: What is the WEIRDEST THING you’ve ever found?

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