Can we just discuss that Lilo JUST HAPPENED to tweet how much she loves London and then went and  hopped on a plane the very day that Harry and Cressida officially called it off? Most people, I would dismiss this as a coincidence — I, too, love London and would happily hop on a plane to Heathrow today — but you just know Lindsay would hop on the Ginger v. Ginger train IMMEDIATELY should it stop at her station, and might even be plotting that now, due to being (as we know from Lindsay on OWN) somewhat delusional.  I almost wish that would happen just for the gossip. But I’m glad that it 100% won’t given that it would probably lead to the complete and utter destruction of society as we know it and also Kate would probably briefly end up in jail for “accidentally” pushing Lindsay in front of an on-coming parade of priceless royal carriages and while we would totally feel her on that, we also don’t want that to happen to her. #SaveKate.

Speaking of stuff we don’t want to happen to people:

Poor Julien Macdonald. He wants to be LEFT OF OUT IT.

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