Thom Browne combined his menswear and womenswear this season, and after an opening stretch of single animals, he marched the models — in male-female pairs — two-by-two down the runway in identical outfits to complete the Noah’s Ark theme. Then:

At the end of the show, Browne sent his models out for a final lap—this time the couples were same-sex and held hands. With identical lace-up booties and lace trimmed handkerchiefs pulled over their eyes however, it was almost impossible to tell the men and women apart. And that was clearly Browne’s point. Whatever the future, it’s clear that those long-held gender norms in fashion are rapidly becoming extinct.

I know I quote Vogue a lot in these, but without being there or reading the show notes, sometimes nuance passes me by. Well, HOPEFULLY the nuance of Noah’s Ark would not have, but you feel me.

[Photo: Imaxtree]