“I don’t know, Wilhelmina. It feels like this suit is missing something.”

“It’s just a basic black suit, Melisandre. What could it possibly be missing?”

“I’m just worried that it’s dull.”

“She’s going to sass it up with those tan brogues she’s only supposed to wear with jeans.”

“Those are pleasant, but it’s not enough. We need something more. This suit needs…a conversation starter.”

“How about if we cut out just the kneecaps?”

“Kneecaps are over.”

“What if we make the butt into a flap? You know, like old timey longjohns?”

“Don’t be an idiot. We can only do the flap-butt when it’s warm. It’s freezing in Park City. Do you want to be held responsible for Naomi Watt’s ass frostbite? Think.”

“Oooh, how about that idea we had where everyone’s shoulders look like they were attacked by raccoons?”

“Dammit, that’s why I keep you on the payroll. Get out your safety scissors and get to work! We’re running out of time!”

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]