Isn’t it intriguing how little we’ve seen of the Kardashians since Covid hit? Leaving aside certain high-profile Tweetstorms by Kim’s husband, they have kept largely out of sight and out of mind — and I am not sure that would have been true a couple years ago. Admit it: Exactly six years ago, in 2014 — which is when Kim wore this vexing, perplexing genital floss — if you’d been told there was a pandemic in 2020 and asked to guessed which celebs were finding ways to be fairly omnipresent at various times, would you have said Ben Affleck and Sarah Jessica Parker, or any one of the Kardashians? I certainly would walked through Door No. 2 and been surprised to find it pretty empty on the other side. I mean… THIS OUTFIT. This does not seem like a person who would ever be eager to take a seat for a while… even possibly just for sanitary reasons, frankly.

And now we have Quiet Kards who are also ending their E! reality show. Look how different things were even in 2007 at its debut party:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiere party, Los Angeles, America - 09 Oct 2007

Kim is… wearing fabric! Lots of it! In a good color! She looks like a human person who shops at stores that sell things we would recognize as clothes!

Premiere Of

This whole photo is so very Beginner Starlets of the Aughts. I think Khloe might be in a bandage dress. Their style has devolved so much since these days. And honestly, only Kourtney looks the same; Khloe, in fact, looks like an entirely different person now, as if she was recast in the final season, and it’s bizarrely bittersweet looking at this photo from 13 years ago and knowing how much is in store for them. Kourtney had four kids with a self-proclaimed douche lord, who then started dating one of Lionel Richie’s kids when she was 19 and he was decidedly not. Khloe went through all that with Lamar Odom, both while they were married and after they weren’t. Rob had copious emotional ups and downs, which included a period of being a recluse that may be ongoing, plus a stint on Dancing With The Stars and a fling with Rita Ora. And Kim… I mean, the 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries ended up being just a blip on her Wikipedia page. A blip the size of the labial strip that is keeping her nethers anchored in this photo. And THAT is our full-circle journey, my friends. Mic dropped.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]