Bella Hadid is probably decked out on her way to a fashion show here — ’tis the season — and the whole outfit, right down to the earmuffs, is very cute. (I can’t find pants that I like on myself that aren’t jeans. A lifelong quest.) But I was very intrigued by the giant bad she’s carrying. It’s basically… a briefcase that she’s using as a clutch, of sorts? I think of a clutch as being any purse without a strap option, as opposed to a particular size, and this does not have any kind of handle that I can see. I guess it could be a strapless tote… but more accurately, it’s a handle-less briefcase:

Bella Hadid is seen in Soho, NYC, USA - 16 Feb 2022

You get an even better look here:

Bella Hadid is seen in Soho, NYC, USA - 16 Feb 2022

So while it has that professional flair to it, and the color is undeniable, it’s sort of boxy and impractical when you consider that you either need a) an iron finger grip, or b) a willingness to lug it and/or jam it up under your armpit and hope the corners don’t hurt. Also, I know Bella probably does not have such banal, quotidian concerns as needing to access a Metrocard, but seriously, how do you fish around in that thing at a restaurant while politely engaging in conversation at the table? How do you shove your gloves into it real fast when you sit down? You can’t use a purse hanger, or dangle it off the back of your chair, so it’ll have to go on the restaurant floor — or worse, the movie theater’s, or bathroom’s, since that hook on the back of the stall door is a no-go. And you definitely can’t constantly reach down and check your phone, so… wait, maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s a box of MANNERS. Maybe it keeps you couth and slowly disentangles you from your iPhone.

Or, maybe it’s a portable backgammon board. We’ll never know.

[Photos: Mediapunch, GHOST/Shutterstock]
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