When I saw these pictures, I really hoped that Bradley Cooper had used this quarantine time to fulfill a long-held dream of being the new human embodiment of the “Guilty” album cover. And then I thought, “Wait, is that BLOOD,” and got worried that Bradley had been sucked into some kind of rapture cult and had to claw his way to freedom. Turns out he’s just filming Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project — which I hope retains that title, for fun — of which IMDb says, “Set in 1970s San Fernando Valley, the film follows a high school student, who is also a successful child actor.” I… cannot imagine he is playing a high school student, so it remains to be seen what the deal is here, but the cast list also includes Alana Haim. That’s… you know, one of the Haims. Left, or Right, or maybe Center, depending on the day. How can you have only ONE Haim? What IS the term for one Haim? A Ha?


Celebrity Sightings In Encino - August 29, 2020

At least he’s having fun. Maybe one Haim IS a “ha,” on several levels.

[Photos: Getty]