Acler is an Australian brand, and in retrospect, I am sort of surprised we didn’t see it on Duchess Meghan earlier this year — I bet you they pulled some items, which proved not to fix due to the vagaries of Baby Sussex. Because this is right up Meghan’s street — a sleek suit with some interesting flaps of fabric placed upon it. (And this is not exactly the same blazer that Hailee is wearing, but they also have it in navy, and Meghan loves navy! SOMEONE MAKE A NOTE. If she pops up wearing some version of this after the baby comes, I will be quite smug and I am just warning you right now.)

But Meghan aside: This is great on Hailee. Her head looks fantastic, but mostly this Stylish and Competent Professional Young Woman look super suits her — no pun intended.

[Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock]