I’m not gonna see this movie because the play (although undeniably excellent) filled me with existential dread, but if you’re down for that this holiday season, the cast of the adaptation is steller. (Part of the issue for me was, I think, that it was [and still is] occasionally marketed as being funny and while I laughed a few times, this play is very depressing, please do not go into this adaptation thinking it’s a Neil Simon-y family holiday jaunt, I somehow thought it was comedic and IT IS NOT. Vanity Fair says “what The Humans is really about is not any one particular danger, but instead the constant gnawing of the world, the way it slowly erodes our lives until we are all rendered, essentially, into nothing.” That is dead on! I wish that had been on the posters! I wanted to leap in front of my Lyft after I left! Which is fine but you need to warn a person! I believe the ads I saw were like, “piercingly funny!” But someone on Reddit was like, “it pulverized me” and that is more apt!)

[Photos: Greg Allen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]