I follow Eva Chen on Instagram, and she went to event after event after event the weekend before the Met, and it made me wonder: Doesn’t Anna want everyone to be FRESH for the first Monday in May? I would throw a thank-you meal the night AFTER the Met. Yes, everyone’s a bit tired and maybe hung over (which makes for a lower booze bill), but you’re also dissecting what was great and terrible about the fashion and swapping all the best stories. (You know Anna did not use the public bathrooms, so she’ll clearly need to hear all the gossip from THAT whole situation, right?) You don’t go to dinner BEFORE the escape room! You go AFTER so you can talk about the puzzles and the mistakes and why your friend shot the water out of the syringe without considering that we needed it to get out the door.

[Photos: Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock