It’s inauspicious when your Wikipedia entry begins with, “she debuted on television in the MTV anthology series Undressed,” as Jenny Wade’s does. Undressed, after all, was perhaps the worst soap opera in the history of the world, and you KNOW I’ve seen them all:

Fox's Fall Eco-Casino Party - Arrivals

So I don’t get why she’s dressing like it’s still 1999 and she’s still ON Undressed. Dear sweet girl, allow your choker to pass into the forgotten annals of history, just like your Undressed co-stars Christina Hendricks, Brandon Routh, Katee Sackhoff, Sarah Lancaster, Adam Brody, Jay Hernandez, Rachelle LeFevre, Sarah Jane Morris, Autum Reeser, Jason Ritter, and Jordana Spiro have allowed their stints on the show to fall off their resumes. Let it go! You are now on that FOX show with Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks! That’s a network show! LEAVE THE TRAPPINGS OF THE PAST WHERE THEY BELONG!