“Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season. May you be the Artist of the Year, or the Best Actress in a Miniseries, of your own life. If you’re having trouble, remember that we have it covered in our house, so find some photos of us Having It All on the Internet and then maybe start by waxing your chest or investing in some fabrics that are usually very unflattering but might secretly work on you. Baby steps. Warmly, The Kidmurbans.”

CMT Artists of the Year, Arrivals, Nashville, USA - 18 Oct 2017

“P.S. Also try to transcend language. This is how we say everything to one another. Our brains make intimate communion every time we are together. For example, Keith has just told me that he accidentally left our Blue Apron box outside, and I have just asked him why he didn’t cancel it because I told him I’m tired of pizzas and cod.”

[Photos: Debby Wong/REX/Shutterstock]