Bai Ling did it! Our GFY fave of yore popped by the picket lines on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night, the guild and the producers agreed in principle to a deal that ended the strike as of midnight. We talked about this in our paid Drinks With Broads edition today, but couldn’t resist crowing about it here, too. The details will likely start leaking tomorrow, or maybe Friday, after the SAG governing board rubber-stamps it and sends it to the membership for their perusal. Then they get to vote, discuss, and ratify — but in the meantime, I believe they consider this thing officially done and people can GO BACK TO WORK. Or, at this point, go back to JOB HUNTING.

What shows are you most excited to have back? What deals do you think are imminent (my bet: Apple will start locking in actors for a Ted Lasso spinoff)? Which movies are you most eager to return to the promo trail? And if you’ve been out on the picket lines and want to share that experience, please, hit the comments. Congratulations to ALL of you for taking this necessary stand.

[Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images]