I did not pull punches this summer about how lousy I think the new Gossip Girl has been, and now we get six more episodes to see what it can do — with the promise of a season 2 on the horizon. And while the second part of season 1 was already shot, and therefore maybe too late to fix some of what was so aggressively awful (the teachers being Gossip Girl, and it NOT being played as gross, will never, ever work for me), the show’s social media account wrote, “You never know whose hands I’ll fall into.” So maybe that’s intended as a lifeline to people who were ready to quit over Tavi Gevinson’s character justifying herself as some kind of morality police, when in fact she’s basically stalking and harassing teenagers. Anyway: No, I didn’t like it; yes, I’ll probably stick around to see what they do, because as someone who occasionally writes books, I like to analyze for myself what works, what doesn’t work, and how people dig themselves deeper or claw their way out.

Also they threw a party. Some of the cast came. VOILA.

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