In 2013, the Met Gala was dedicated to “Punk: From Chaos to Couture”:

“…to illustrate how haute couture and ready-to-wear have borrowed punk’s visual symbols, with paillettes being replaced with safety pins, feathers with razor blades, and bugle beads with studs. Focusing on the relationship between the punk concept of ‘do-it-yourself’ and the couture concept of ‘made to measure,’ the exhibition is organised around the materials, techniques, and embellishments associated with the anti-establishment style.” [Source]

In an effort to make two slightly less massive slideshows, I’ve attempted to divide the looks between those where it feels like nobody bothered with the theme, and the ones here in which — whether you like it or agree with it or not — clearly SOMETHING was tried.


For most celebrities, that translated to, “Load up on the eyeliner!” But it’ll do.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]