There was an award show in Australia last night — the AACTAs, to be exact, which are basically their BAFTAs or Oscars. Fun fact: Russell Crowe is the AACTA president and Nicole Kidman is his vice-president, and I would accept a limited-run docu-series about the two of them governing together. Keith Urban is required to appear.

Anyway, Bella Heathcote — an Australian herself — was on hand to present, I believe, and also stars in one of the few photos we got. This bums me out, a little, and not even as a sheers pun. It’s been so long. I keep hoping that when people finally get these kinds of public opportunities, they will look around at all the art that clothiers have still been trying to make, and pick something really special. This is not special. It doesn’t have any personality, unless you count “pointless bathrobe” as a personality. It doesn’t even feel very Chanel; it’s like the filler outfit they’d stick in their show between a bunch of tweedy stuff. It’s just messy and there and lacking in any imagination. This wasn’t even worth the shipping fees to Australia. Come on, starlets and stylists. Let’s agree to spend the next year BLOWING. IT. THE. HELL. OUT.

[Photo: Getty]