I think it’s awesome that these four stayed friends. The rags all seem to want women on a film or TV set to be in catfights all the time, so let’s all acknowledge that these four worked together on TWO movies — and in their late teens/early twenties, which can be a competitive and insecure age in Hollywood for whatever gender — and have stayed firmly in each other’s corners since. It’s lovely. They pop up on each other’s social media, but never in a performative way, and they show up to support each other whenever they can (here, for Amber’s directorial debut). Much like in the Traveling Pants movies — and like with actual friend groups — they seem to be four different people who simply filled each other’s blank spaces in such a natural way, without sacrificing any of their individuality, and all while coming into their respective owns. So stick that in your catfight pipe and smoke it, world. Sisterhoods for the WIN.

[Photos: Backgrid, Getty]