I don’t even know where to start with these, which could be The Row, or just stuff from their closets. I’m sure they reference some obscure Comme des Garçons collection (I heard speculation about 2005’s Broken Brides), and that they’re deafeningly directional and bold and other stuff Philistines like me don’t appreciate. The thing is, I probably would be searching harder for its touchstones if the Olsens didn’t dress like this all the time. But because they do, it’s like, “Oh, great, another day where M-K and Ashley look like two courtiers from Reign who’ve turned to witchcraft, draw their power from feasting upon the souls of the damned, have resurrected each other at least once from various human sacrifies or bloodlettings-gone-awry, and will leave The CW to haunt Coachella until the end of its days.” Which, honestly, might all BE one of Rei Kawakubo’s show themes. She does seem to draw from a large buffet.

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