Rita Ora spends a good chunk of her red-carpet life parading around in impossibly large, or complicated, or overwrought outfits — the kinds of things that always appear in search of a context, and coming up short. The Met Gala should be perfect for her, because it’s one of the few places where things that have no other context can make a sort of sense. But, paradoxically, it also sometimes exposes that Rita can get lost in her wrappings, like the year she went as a batshit ballerina. This teeters around that line. Objectively, she looks like an aerialist dressed up as somebody’s holiday Lexus. But the makeup and her weirdly striking head-suit — how did she do that? — are keeping her from disappearing in a pile of ribbon.

Say what you will about Rita’s fashion sense, or Marchesa’s construction, but very few people could look this compelling while also being beheaded. Even Nicole Kidman needed a minute.

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