This is one of my favorite articles of the year. It’s always SO FASCINATING to me to see which stylist works with which clients — I feel like you can tell how versatile they are that way; do all their clients look the same? Like, Micaela Erlanger does Meryl Streep and Diane Kruger. That’s RANGE — and this year’s piece is particularly interesting because many of the stylists talk a bit about this year’s Golden Globes, where everyone wore black. (I kept saying throughout that month that finding that many black gowns that also meshed with their clients’ aesthetic senses must have felt in some way like a high level Project Runway challenge for stylists.  And this reminds me that I absolutely think there ought to be a Project Runway for stylists. Right? Fourteen mid-level stylists compete for representation at one of the big agencies, and the chance to style whoever the host of the show is for a year, plus $100,000. Challenges would be like, “your client is nominated for a Golden Globe and likely to win. The ceremony is the same week news breaks that she has been having an affair with a beloved actor who has been married for 25 years to an even more beloved actress. What does she wear?” or “Your client is a former child star who is trying to transition into being a serious adult actress. She’s been invited to the VMAs. What does she wear?” or “Your client is, unfortunately, on trial for murder. Find her three suits that say she’s innocent to a jury of her peers.”) I also appreciate that this piece fully acknowledges that red carpet dressing is a business, and it’s refreshing to see how many of these powerful business people are women.  Definitely pop over to THR and check out the piece; I think it is, as always, one of the most interesting looks at the logistics of Hollywood fashion of the year.

It’s likewise a bonus that this THR feature always has REALLY good covers.

[Covers: The Hollywood Reporter]