Who knew that a 1980 movie about women seeking and seizing more empowerment in the workplace, and having a disgusting chauvinist pig of a boss, would STILL be a relevant concept four decades later? Well… actually I suspect women knew. This movie may look dated as hell, but it holds up beautifully, and these three are so clearly already freaking legends. Not to mention that the song “9 to 5″ is the catchiest earworm:

That video is a ride. First, it’s a time capsule of outfits; second, it’s all footage of women looking at clocks and trying to get to work, although I could swear the one who spills her coffee is startled by a clock that says 7:50 a.m., not 8:50 a.m. Maybe it takes her an hour and ten minutes to walk to work from that coffee cart. Anyway, then it just becomes a mix of shots from the movie and Dolly sitting in a studio singing, looking way too happy for someone who is crooning about the daily grind and being totally devalued — but she’s also reading the lyrics off a yellow notepad next to her, so maybe they shot this while they were just delighted to finally have a draft done. I don’t know. But she, and it, remain a timeless delight.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]