As we noted in today’s newsletter — we have a Substack newsletter called Drinks With Broads now, in case you missed it! The first issue went out today and we talked about, you guessed it, the Grammys — the Grammys are a fairly superior awards show. Not because they always get it right — they famously often get it wrong — but because the telecast is generally very fun to watch. People will wear stuff and the performances are generally top notch. (This is likewise true of the Tonys, except you can guarantee that the Tonys winners will look soothing and probably slightly boring. Like, Bernadette Peters is not showing up looking likeĀ The Crows Have Eyes 3.) Last night’s 50 Years of Hip Hop performance, for example, was FUN! Then, like, Dr. Jill Biden showed up. Ben Affleck spent the entire time looking like he had a tiny splinter in his butt from when he climbed a tree earlier or something. Various people changed. Mary J. Blige wore a HUGE hat. Beyonce arrived! And so on. Let’s take a look!

[Photos: Rob Latour/Shutterstock]