This event is to honor the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. This whole piece in Town & Country is about Nita and everything she’s done, and it’s quite interesting, and of course includes details like the fact that the centre has a “bespoke Swarovski crystal lotus petal ceiling” and is part of the Jio World Centre:

The mammoth structure, India’s largest convention center, is turned out in white, gold, and cream, with marble floors and the ornate grillwork known in India as jaali. The three exhibition spaces, two convention halls, and one grand ballroom—suitable for Bollywood galas or auto shows or art fairs—add up to more than 300,000 square feet. It boasts the world’s largest passenger elevator, which could work as a floating café if anyone cared to put tables in it. The concourses are filled with art, from a Yayoi Kusama floor installation to a 56-foot-tall decorative Pichwai painting, with peacocks and vines, of the type found in Hindu temples. The Jio World Centre—part Versailles, part Vegas, part Kennedy Center—is far easier on the eyes and soul than a convention center has any right to be. This is, after all, the civilization that built the Taj Mahal. The Ambanis have made a bet that the center will be a must-see for visitors to Mumbai and, in fact, play a role in drawing international travelers. In a way, it’s a 21st-century Gateway of India, Mumbai’s famous landmark. “I do hope this becomes a hub,” Ambani says. “You can’t ignore a billion people of the world, right?”

We saw Zendaya already – I felt like people might want to discuss her, and the Law of it all, in a separate space — but the guest list at this event was long and glittery, and so were the clothes. I am almost positive there are people I missed, because right when I thought I got everyone, I’d search a different way and find six more people I hadn’t seen — in part because there MAY have been two events? I have two outfits for Priyanka, for example. Anyway, you’re going to be bowled over by a lot of this, so save the slideshow for a time when you can really luxuriate in the process.

[Photos: Vijay Bate/Hindustan Times/Shutterstock, Indranil Aditya/NurPhoto/Shutterstock, DIVYAKANT SOLANKI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock]