Wanna hear the name of an event that was ABSOLUTELY decided by committee? Ahem: “Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood and TikTok Celebrate Vanities: A Night For Young Hollywood.” That’s just a random amalgamation of words. I’m gonna throw a party called “Go Fug Yourself Campaign SoCal and Flickr Celebrate Greed: A Lunchtime For Old Hollywood.” It’s gonna be A BANGER. But a quiet one because none of us can hear so well in a loud room anymore. Anyway, here are some youths for you! There were a ton of folks here at this event who could run me over with a car after I fell out of a tree and into their path, and I would not be able to identify them to my eccentric inventor mentor, so I’ve just cherry-picked the recognizable folks.

[Photos: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock]