I’m confused:

a) I can’t remember how we feel about her right now, Fug Nation. Do we love how spunky she is, or are we mad at her for reasons I don’t totally remember but I am concerned involve Selena Gomez?

b) Did she fall prey to the machinations of an evil saleswoman at Chico’s, thus leading to this shirt? This is a kicky shirt your mom wears over a cami with wide-legged pants and great chunky jewelry and she looks great in it. So give yourself….thirty-five years, Demi.

c) Her face DOES look good, no? If the shirt if the work of a Chico’s Handmaiden who pledged her service to the Dark Lord, the makeup is fighting for good.

d) Finally, and most importantly, I do hope her hair is a salute to soft-serve. Too few coiffures reference dessert. And where would we be without it?

[Photo: Getty]

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