This is the second event in as many days that was sponsored by Max Mara that I think isn’t showing Max Mara to its best capacity? (With the caveat that not everyone here is wearing Max Mara.) This is going to date me, but whenever I think of the brand, I remember a scene from The West Wing, where something happens to something beautiful that CJ is wearing — because Sorkin can’t write a competent lady who can also walk without falling down, generally — and she mournfully notes that it was Max Mara. They make gorgeous coats and I always think of them as the go-to for Professional Competent Business Women With Money, which is why I feel like they need to have their events in winter.  Imagine if this entire slideshow was composed of the exact same actresses, but they’re all wearing a luxe cashmere coat.  IT’S GOOD, RIGHT?

[Photos: Matt Baron/Shutterstock,  Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock, Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]