My recap for this episode is up on (or, was, before the site closed; now that link takes you elsewhere within GFY) and it includes:

With [ep 204] foray into Margaret’s juicy personal life, I thought, “Oh, good, maybe that means Beautiful Naked Matthew Goode will dull the pain of the onslaught of Prince Pillip.” But no. Peter Morgan has offered me up something even better: Hot. Tertiary. Action. Yes, strap in, because your glasses are gonna get fogged up by some STEAMY pontification porn.


Is there anything more terrifying than a Lascelles smile? It’s almost worse than his frown. And I love it. He’s wrong-headed and condescending, but there is something so HOT! RHETORICAL! FIREWORKS! about watching him dismember someone. He might be my soulmate.

Please enjoy, and for scenics — clothes, rooms, and other random asides — please take a stroll through our slideshow.

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