Two days, two message tee shirts, this one actually snapped in front of a massage parlor LIKE THE ONE IN HER SHOW. You can not convince me she didn’t call the paparazzi to tell them where she was, especially since this was snapped in Studio City and not at, like, the massage parlor across from the Ivy (there isn’t one, but it might do big business; think about it, Kitson).

Do I think she looks BAD, given that she’s just out running errands (a: pick up dry-cleaning, b: return library books, c: call paps and pose for relaxed, appealing candid shots, d: vajazzle, e: pick up asthma meds)? No. Do I think it’s totally possible that, within 6-1o working days we’re going to hear that she’s launching a line of message tee shirts to go with her new relationship/advice/lifestyle book? I’ll bet you ten bucks.