I wrote the headline of this post, and then went in and looked at the actual poll results, and Yara Shahidi actually ran away with this. She’s my vote, also, but the contenders in here are all varied and interesting — capes, patterns, stripes, sleek sheaths, sparkles — so a) it’s a testament to how iconic Yara’s dress is that she beat all of these so handily (I have never forgotten it, and never will; it’s always how I picture her in my head); and b) I forget what (b) was going to be, but I suspect it was along the lines of, “It’s an excuse to enjoy a lovely fashion buffet.”

The worst-dressed poll was actually closer, despite my personal feeling that Julie Bowen was the easy pick (and she did win, just not in a landslide):

Apparently we completely forgot best/worst polls for 2018, 2019, and 2020, though Jessica remedied that last one earlier in the year. Maybe I’ll save that retrospective for the next pandemic HA HA HA HA no wait too soon.

There are accessories, though!


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