JamCam69: Hey Linda what’s shakin’ baby

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: James? Don’t you have 12 Avatar sequels to make?

JamCam69: Sure, but I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided no one cares and everyone has forgotten the first Avatar and BORING so let’s make some cash.

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: What did you have in mind? A Beauty and the Beast reboot? Ron would be into it, I think.

JamCam69: No, let’s go bigger and just pretend Terminators 3, 4, and 5 didn’t exist.

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: Aw. Didn’t one of them star the guy from Avatar?

JamCam69: Who?

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: Sam Worthington.

JamCam69: No idea who that is, baby doll. Does he make those butterscotch candies?

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: No, those are… never mind.

JamCam69: Picture it: The future, the year Whatever. The Terminator is old now, see, because suddenly robots age. Some new impossible robot gets sent to kill some other fools and we’ll give you a rifle and a tank top and Edward can come say two lines or something and they’ll put him on the cover of People.

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: I WOULD like to read that article. Okay, I’m in. As long as you have time.

JamCam69: I mean… like, some other dude is directing, and five dudes are going to write it or whatever, but I’m INVOLVED and shit, as long as Avatar 19: Smurfs 4D: Gargamel’s Revenge is done.

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: No women, huh?


MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: …?

JamCam69: Oh you were serious. Uh, I mean, you’re in it? And another girl. And ANOTHER ONE. That’s three. We good?

MyNameIsLindaxanderHamilton: … Sarah Connor is a badass, so okay.

JamCam69: Cool bruh! Get out that pull-up bar.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]