This is so swell on her:

I might be slightly swayed by the fact that this dress looks a little bit like it’s inspired by the cover of my favorite Choose Your Own Adventure book, in which You somehow end up hanging out with the Ancient Mayans (and generally Your story ends when someone rips out Your still-beating heart). The being said, I love this. It’s so sunny and summery and bright and fun and she looks gorgeous and relaxed. You are welcome to disagree, obviously, but I can’t vouch for what might happen to your chest wall. That’s all.

She changed at some point in the evening:

I desperately wish this suit didn’t involve what appear to be the Old Navy shortie shorts that I sleep in, but I like the fabric, and — I CAN’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE I AM SAYING THIS — I kind of think she’s pulling this off. I KNOW. Have at my chest wall.