It is vital to note that I love Cassie Scerbo on Make It Or Break It. She is really funny, and also surprisingly sympathetic, considering that her character is kind of a….troubled friend, shall we say, being that she is given to sleeping with people’s boyfriends and whatnot. But, look, she has family problems. Her mom is a dead drug addict, and she is kind of strong-arming Candace Cameron into marrying Third Person Jimmy from Seinfeld (her dad), even though Candace Cameron is secretly in love with Cassie’s INSANELY HOT gymnastics coach (whose own dad is BELA KAROLYI, and who Cassie’s character Lauren sort of totally on purpose implicated as having an affair with one of the teammates, although HE WOULD NEVER). That show is so good. Rumor has it, ABC Family may not renew it, which would be a major shame. It is also vital to note that maybe Cassie has taken these rumors of cancellation really seriously, because I think she is in mourning.