So! When I was trolling through our photo sources last night, looking for someone interesting to write about, I stumbled across Ms Bateman here. She is playing the title role in Annabelle: Creation, or, as I call it, This Summer’s Creepy Doll Movie; she is not related to Jason Bateman; and Wikipedia informed me that she played “Scarlett” in Hart of Dixie, which, as you might know, I recapped. And the name rang a bell but I  COULD NOT PLACE HER and I had to troll my own recaps to remind myself that she was Lemon’s half-sister, born after Andie McPhee ran out on everyone. (I explain it all here, in a recap wherein I call her “Scarlett Kincaid, Alice’s Broken Armed Child,” a turn of phrase which amused me until I remembered that we literally found out this character existed when she broke her arm; I also noted that I thought Bateman was really good in the part, but that I didn’t have time to get invested in another character and apparently, given that I forgot all about her, I did not. This recap also has some CUTE OUTFITS on Jaime King. I miss that show.) And, ergo, all that means two things: That this is a charming dress for a fifteen year old girl, and I think it does a good job of straddling the line between looking like a grown-up and still being quite young; and it also took me down an enjoyable sidetrip back to BlueBell, which I appreciated. Win win!

[Photo: Backgrid]