Princess Madeleine — who, incidentally, turns 31 today — is fourth in line for the Swedish throne, and got married over the weekend to a British-American banker she met in the U.S. But it is juicy and soapy, just as we would always want royal shenanigans to be: She met Chris O’Neill when she fled here after a broken engagement that it SOUNDS like she had to pretend was still intact long enough to get through her sister’s wedding without a big scandal; she has placed anywhere from third to 12th over the years in various surveys of Hottest Royals; was once known as a party princess; was pulled over a few days before the wedding for driving in a bus lane and pleaded royal privilege to get out of it; has a brother who is dating an ex-porn star/nude model, whom he snuck into the formal wedding pictures despite general objections; and her new husband turned down a Swedish royal title so he can remain a private citizen, which to me says he loves her and isn’t it for the rank, although that seems to shine through in the photos. Unless he is acting, in which case, Princess Charlene, you need to pay him for lessons.

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