Kristen has gotten much more comfortable with the whole red carpet scene in the last couple years. I wonder if part of it is feeling like she’s promoting projects that she’s more passionate about, or which she more carefully hand-picked, than, say, the later Twilight films — which she may have liked just fine, but what I’m getting at is that the impact of signing on for a four-film series (that later became five) is a hard thing to truly estimate, and I don’t think she was prepared for how much or how long it dominated her life and her comings and goings. Now, she’s getting a lot more variety, day to day.

Anyway, she’s loosened up a lot, but I still figure her for the celebrity who’d most like to ditch the formalwear entirely and just show up in whatever she wore to the grocery store to pick up beer and popcorn. Enter Sundance, the only major film festival I can think of where you CAN do that and have no one bat an eyelash. She could easily have worn this all day, or on the plane to Utah. That must be so refreshing for someone who doesn’t seem into heels.

Kristen Stewart

I bet she regretted the sweatshirt after a while; those things never stay put and you spend all night turning it around so the knot is back in the front. But I still think she was stoked to be comfortable. Even if this EXACT picture might be fueled by sarcasm.

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