First of all: Fug Madness Champion Bella Thorne is in this movie!

Second: Apparently Suki Waterhouse (accidentally) shot someone while making it, and also the cast got banned from two bars in New Orleans.  Um, I need someone to write an oral history of the filming of this thing.

Third: Here’s the blurb about it: “High school senior Lily and her three best friends live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies and chats — just like the rest of the world. Their small town gets turned upside down when an anonymous hacker starts to reveal personal messages and secrets of thousands of people. As anger erupts into full-blown violence, the four girls soon find themselves in a fight for their lives against an armed mob.” It appears reviews have been mixed, but I always like movies where girls get to tear shit up.

Fourth: The above look on Suki is kind of amazing? You know Jared Leto is RACKED with jealousy that she got to it before he did. It’s got so much more personality than she usually shows in her clothing and I’m HERE for that, always.

Los Angeles Premiere of Assassination Nation

Taken together, it looks like she’s angling for a role on Westworld which that show currently lacks, and deeply needs: THE WACKY NEIGHBOR.

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